The ICPM is proud to offer the Psychosomatic Specialist Certificate to qualified ICPM members.

The purpose of the psychosomatic specialist initiative is to:
1. Recognize and support physicians and Ph.D. level clinical psychologists who practice psychosomatic medicine across different disciplines
2. Contribute to the formation of these specialists by the provision of specific courses
3. Expand psychosomatic research and practice, particularly among non-psychiatric physicians

Criteria for eligibility:
1. ICPM membership in good standing for 1 year or longer
2. Medical degree/PhD
3. Clinical and/or research experience in psychosomatic medicine (not less than 5 years) to be verified through CV and/or professional references
Send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the documents attesting your eligibiliy to apply!

Chairman of the Psychosomatic Specialist Evaluation Committee is Dr Thomas N. Wise (USA).
Members of the committee are Antonio Barbosa (Portugal) and Luigi Grassi (Italy).

The Psychosomatic Specialist Certificates awarded from September 2022 to August 2024 will be delivered in person during the Opening ceremony of the 27th World Congress on Psychosomatic Medicine, Tübingen, Germany.

The list of the psychosomatic specialists will be published on a yearly basis in the ICPM website and in the ICPM sections of Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics.

Stephen Anderson (US)
Lucas Santos Argolo (Brazil)
Danilo Carrozzino (Italy)
Christian Fazekas (Austria)
Fabien Gagnon (Canada)
Michael Dennis Linder (Italy)
Ahmed Rady (Egypt)
Flavia Barbagelata (Italy)
Silvana Cagiada (Italy)
Marcus Haun (Germany)
Luisa Maria Merati (Italy)
Christina van der Feltz-Cornelis (UK)
Chiharu Kubo (Japan)
Kok Kwang Lim (Singapore)
Marcelo Rosenstein (Australia)
Doina Vacalie (Denmark)
Filip van den Eede (Belgium)
Roland von Kanel (Switzerland)
Stephen Anderson (USA)
Markus Haun (Germany)
Giovanni Mansueto (Italy)
Juan F. Roy-Delgado (Spain)
Yonggui Yuan (China)