Tatjana Sivik

Dr. Sivik is Professor of Psychosomatic Medicine, Gothenburg University. She is born in Croatia where she graduated in comparative literature and philosophy prior to her move to Sweden. In Sweden she attained a master degree in clinical psychology and psychoanalythically trained psychotherapist before she graduated from Medical School at the University of Gothenburg. She is the author of four and co-author of 1 textbooks (in Swedish) and co-editor and/or author of 3 anthologies, about 50 scientific articles (in English and Swedish) and numerous debate and other popular articles promoting psychosomatic medicine. She has organized and is the head of the Education in Psychosomatic Medicine in Sweden, administered by Karolinska Institute, Sth. She is member of the Board of Swedish Medical Association, Section of Medical Psychology. She has organized 6 national and 4 international meetings among which the 16th World Congress on Psychosomatic Medicine in Gothenburg stands as the most important one. She has founded Swedish Psychosomatic Association. She is a member of the scientific board of several peer-reviewed journals. She has been invited as a visiting professor in Lisabon, Montreal, Firence, Padova, Sao Paolo, Buonos Aires, Maintz, Kiel, Oslo, Zagreb, Rijeka, Cluj, Tokio, Kyoto, Fokuoka.