Florian Ferreri (France)
Scientific Coordinators 
Charles Peretti (France), Fiammetta Cosci (Italy)

September 20-21, 2018
Faculty of Medicine St-Antoine, Sorbonne University of Paris
27 rue de Chaligny
75012 Paris

The workshop has the format of a masterclass aimed at providing the opportunity of in depth discussion of clinical and research topics. Only a limited number of participants will be involved (maximum 30). It consists of: a) interactive lectures: speakers will outline the main aspects of their topics (40 min) and will then answer to questions from the floor and the chairs (20 min); b) small group activities: within the group, each participant will have the opportunity to present either a clinical case or a research project (15 min) that will be commented by the other participants as well as by the moderators; c) a general discussion.

Click here to download the program of the event.



“Workgroup meeting was an occasion to share our experience in psychosomatic research as well as feelings about importance to teach psychosomatic approach. Also, to get to know people dealing with similar issues and get some closer interactions with them. I've enjoyed it a lot and I am waiting for another ICPM meeting”. Agnieszka Woźniewicz (Polland)

“The ICPM 2nd workgroup on Psychosomatic Research and Practice provided an invaluable opportunity of in depth and constructive discussion in a very warm and collaborative atmosphere”. Danilo Carrozzino (Italy)

“We were able to form a warm and an inspiring atmosphere. I am sure it will help us in getting prepared for a productive Jubilee Conference in Florence. It was an excellent idea Fiammetta and Giovanni had to start the splendid format of the Workgroup on Psychosomatic Research and Practice under the auspices of the International College of Psychosomatic Medicine”. Wolfram Schüffel (Germany)

“The workgroup in Paris provided me with such an invaluable opportunity to learn from international colleagues and share ideas in a warm, interprofessional and collegial environment”. George Nasra (USA)

“Sharing the Workgroup with you was really a great pleasure and an inspiring challenge for me. A valuable opportunity to learn from peculiar clinical outlooks, professional practices and individual narratives. A whole live experience!” Magda Boi (Italy)

“It was a wonderful experience attending the ICPM Workgroup in a masterclass format providing very important clinical information about the current and future perspectives of Psychosomatic practice and research”. Chiara Patierno (Italy)

“I found friendship, humanity, and science” Fiammetta Cosci (Italy)

“I am more convinced from the meeting that we need more science in psychosomatic medicine There is premorbid pathology, or at least some somatic components in disease manifestation. Our role as a physician is searching and find out the mechanism how stress trigger the sequence of events. Hope we can address more of science than judgement and preconceived idea in Florence, the cradle of Renaissance in Western Civilization”. Byung-il William Choi (USA)

“It was a pleasure for me to learn new aspects in Psychosomatic Medicine and to discuss them in our group. The picture gives a good impression of the warm and fruitful atmosphere of this meeting”. Hans-Christian Deter (Germany)

“In contemporary medical practice in developed countries there continue to be an erosion of who is the patient and the essential need to recognize psychosocial factors as well as biology mechanism's in disease onset and illness behaviors. The ICPM is essential as a vehicle to teach physicians about the psychosomatic approach.  On to Florence next year”. Thomas Wise (USA)

“It was a great experience to meet you all in Paris. It was really interested to listen, discuss and share mostly similar but also different opinions and experiences in small group”. Kaja Sepp (Estonia/Finland)